Sunday, March 28, 2010

Picture Perfect

So I'm trying to create a picture book of our wedding day photos. Now, I've always thought of myself as pretty creative...but this is more difficult than it looks. First I have to go through ALL of the pictures and narrow it down to my most favorite. Then I'm supposed to figure out which ones go well with each other and at the same time pick out a layout for each page.

Thankfully, I found a really easy website. is a lifesaver. They have a free program that, once you download, you can open and work in anytime you like. It lets you try out all your different pictures, re-arranging, sizing, and even deleting if you don't like the look. And, the best part, the books are fairly priced. (And trust me, I've checked around.)

I've got all these ideas in my head, of what I want this book to look like, so maybe Ijust need to take a step back and trust that my vision will come together in the end. It is afterall, a birthday present for my mom, so I'm sure she'll love it no matter how it looks.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Game of Life

Have you ever thought, If I could play the board game "Life", how would my game end? I know its just a boardgame, but what if it could be a mirror to reality?

First you start off by either going to college or starting a job. Of course there will be roadblocks along the way, but you can count on gaining worthy life tiles, as well as many, many paychecks. The second part is getting married, buying a home and if your lucky, soon a little bundle of joy will come. The next half will be full of ups and downs, winning prizes and paying taxes, but you'll always have your partner with you. If your lucky enough to get through the game without hitting too many roadblocks you'll be able to retire in the lap of luxury.

But unlike the game of life, real life doesn't always happen quite like you plan. Sometimes I question if, while growing up, I made the best decisions for myself. Of course I like to think I did, but sometimes I don't know. Don't get me wrong, I love my life right now, I just can't help but wonder. Sometimes I wish I was more outgoing and more able to speak my feelings to others. I tend to retreat into myself when emotional battles surface because I don't like sharing that much detail and possibly hurting others in the process. My wonderful husband has helped me to start dealing with this, but old habits die hard I guess. There are still things that are very hard for me to share with him and I think part of it is because I don't want to open myself up to humility and ultimatley rejection. So hopefully, this blog will be an open window for me. A way to let things come and go. A way to share and be open.

But the ultimate reward is knowledge... because no matter what you've done in the past, if while in the present you wish to change, you can. Because the future is yet to be written.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring...where are you?

I cannot believe that today is the first day of spring. Just 2 days ago I was leaving work and driving home with the top down on my convertible. Now, because of the snow, I'm cuddled up on the couch watching movies. Currently on t.v. is...

I love Center Stage, probably because it's about something that I can't do, but think is pretty cool...Dancing. And of course the cute actors aren't so bad either. I know it's pretty cheesy at times, but who's here to make fun of me?

Where is Dan you might be asking? Well he's left already to go work at the bowling alley. So it's a typical Sunday evening at the Carter house. Me, alone. I just wish there wasn't SO much snow outside because I am completely house bound. Wouldn't you know it, now that I can't leave the house, I really want to.

Oh well... my next choice of movies might just have to be New Moon... Good thing we went to Walmart yesterday and picked up a copy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

On days like today, gorgeous, I'm thankful that my choice of car is a convertible. I bought my first one, or rather my father did, back in my senior year. The freedom a convertible gives is amazing. There isn't anything like flying down the interstate with the wind blowing in your hair, knowing that life is good. I was so sad to have to trade that car in and ever since, I've thought about buying another.

So last summer when Dan and I started talking about trading my Mazda in I immediately started thinking about another convertible. I know it may not be the most practical option sometimes, but who really cares! Dan wanted a 4 door jeep, but he eventually caved to what I After a little trip to Fort Smith, we came home with this.

Once again, I feel like I did in, joyful, and happy! Now if only spring could come and stay for more than a day...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

For our honeymoon we were blessed to be able to go to Hawaii. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) Everything about Maui was picture perfect. Lately I've been thinking about the wonderful week we spent there. The beach, good shopping, alone time with my husband, and much more. But of course some things stay in your mind more than others.

This is what's been on mind almost constantly for the past few days...

This is a heavenly burrito from Maui Tacos. If you go to Maui, I highly recommend this place! Although, please don't be fooled by the exterior of the building. To say this place would be considered a dive, is putting it a bit nice. But once inside, the aroma of this delicious food overtakes you.

And on an Island where a typical meal can cost anywhere between 15-30 dollars, this wonderful burrito only cost $7. Needless to say...we ate their more than just the one time.

I wonder if they ship to the mainland? Hmm.....

Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Engagement

After 4 years of dating and buying a house, many people thought an engagement might not happen. So needless to say when my 24th birthday came around I had convinced myself that a ring was not in the cards. My wonderful friend Monica was throwing me a birthday party at the house and so I spent the morning cleaning and preparing some yummy food. Dan, on the other hand, decided that day was the perfect day to go birthday shopping. (Waiting until the last minute is totally Dan)

After a few hours of shopping, Dan comes home. He sits my present on the trunk lid of his car, out in the garage and comes in to say hi. Beau and Monica had already gotten to the house. Curious as I was, I kept my guesses at what it could be to a minimun. Once I opened the first box, there was a second, smaller box. So I unwrapped this box to find...another smaller box. This was the jewelry box from Kay's. I was still in denial at this point, so I thought earrings or maybe a new necklace. Meanwhile, Dan is casually leaning against my car not looking at me or saying anything.

So imagine my suprise when I open the lid of the box and find a sparkly ring staring back at me! Of course I immediately start crying, and Monica starts jumping up and down while hitting Beau on the arm.

That one moment has by far been one of the best moments of my life and I wouldn't have wanted it to happen any other way. I spent the rest of the night sharing our exciting news with all of our friends coming to celebrate my birthday. Needless to say the reactions that night were of elation as well as shock that Dan had finally asked. I then spent the next year dreaming and planning...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Getting Started

Since I know a few people who have created blogs, and they are really quite cool, I decided it was time to jump on the wagon. This should, hopefully, give me something to do while Dan is working and/or bowling.

So here goes...

Dan and I recently got married, October 10th, 2009 to be precise, and and it has been a wonderful journey ever since. Although some thought that day might never come, I never truly lost faith. It only took 4 1/2 years, but what's time when your waiting for the love of your life. On the outside we are totally different. Dan is outgoing, loud, and very straightforwad. I am quiet, shy and most times reserved. But I think those things are what makes us compatible, because as a good friend once pointed out..."There isn't anyone else on this planet that can put up with Dan quite like you."