Friday, March 19, 2010

On days like today, gorgeous, I'm thankful that my choice of car is a convertible. I bought my first one, or rather my father did, back in my senior year. The freedom a convertible gives is amazing. There isn't anything like flying down the interstate with the wind blowing in your hair, knowing that life is good. I was so sad to have to trade that car in and ever since, I've thought about buying another.

So last summer when Dan and I started talking about trading my Mazda in I immediately started thinking about another convertible. I know it may not be the most practical option sometimes, but who really cares! Dan wanted a 4 door jeep, but he eventually caved to what I After a little trip to Fort Smith, we came home with this.

Once again, I feel like I did in, joyful, and happy! Now if only spring could come and stay for more than a day...

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