Thursday, March 11, 2010

For our honeymoon we were blessed to be able to go to Hawaii. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) Everything about Maui was picture perfect. Lately I've been thinking about the wonderful week we spent there. The beach, good shopping, alone time with my husband, and much more. But of course some things stay in your mind more than others.

This is what's been on mind almost constantly for the past few days...

This is a heavenly burrito from Maui Tacos. If you go to Maui, I highly recommend this place! Although, please don't be fooled by the exterior of the building. To say this place would be considered a dive, is putting it a bit nice. But once inside, the aroma of this delicious food overtakes you.

And on an Island where a typical meal can cost anywhere between 15-30 dollars, this wonderful burrito only cost $7. Needless to say...we ate their more than just the one time.

I wonder if they ship to the mainland? Hmm.....

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