Monday, April 5, 2010

Homeade and Delicious

Ok so if you ask anyone that knows me, they'll say that I'm probably not the greatest cook out there. Its not really that I can't cook, its more like I get bored cooking the same thing all the time. This usually results in whipping up something quick, usually from a box. Most of the time, if I don't know what to make, or if Dan's working, I'll just make a cup of macaroni and cheese and call it good.

I know Dan gets tired of this, so every once in a while I try to make it up to him. Thats why I'm glad its getting warmer outside. This means we can grill outside and I can make some of my favorite foods. Although, I must admit that I only recently started "craving" meat again. The difference has been this steak seasoning my mom bought us for Christmas. This stuff is magic!

So in an effort to cook something that my husband will really like, and that doesn't include a bowl of macaroni, this is what's for dinner tonight at the Carter table...
Steak, homeade mashed potatoes, and corn. And of course all great dinners must have dessert. This one wouldn't be complete without some angel food cake and fresh strawberries... fat free whipped cream included! Gosh am I going to be stuffed after eating all this! But its worth if Dan would hurry up and get home so I could eat it all.

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